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Back again. [23 Oct 2010|02:11pm]
Recently, my friend Heather brought up to me the concepts detailing her ethics class coursework, which revolved around a text that addressed the problems associated with a feminist view of pornography. Lately I have been mulling over her reactions to the section she read, as well as some of the larger things that spiraled out of it.

I personally hate the use of broad statements and generalities when explaining concepts. I have found that as a species based on social communication, human beings think along the lines of the words they choose, and that by following a habit of terminology that limits scope or accounts for variation in statement, people develop a habit of becoming close minded. Gender stereotypes, racial stereotypes, all of them have a foundation in tendancies, but none of them are rules. In fact, it has been my strong observance the the typical stereotype is merely a way of shortening a statement that effects an area with multiple people.
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Thoughts. [03 Sep 2010|12:04am]
Every time I have a discussion with my sister regarding the emphasis I place on maintaining her "Personality Index", I feel like I am just blathering on for minutes at a time and that no matter what I do say I can't put things into terms that would actually convey what I am thinking.

My personal view is that the higher elements of the system we call our brain...the persona, the soul, whatever you want to call it, function as the guidance system that controls all the functions of your body (including your chemical mind).

We build concepts from memory elements of things we have encountered and when we imagine something, we piece it together from elements of sensory memory (mostly visual), and cobble the shape together. In short our interpretation systems are derived entirely as a compare/ contrast/ rationalize series of Boolean decisions resulting in a series of possible outcomes, which we eventually choose the ones that most closely match who we decide to be.

The deductions occur faster than we can speculate or notice, in many ways because our brain seeks out to autonimise every function it can, and as we develop we build reactions to given criteria and log them away as reflexes. These reflexes develop when we are so young that it is perceived to be an absolute and uncontrollable reaction, and thus people can not be blamed for their reactions.

This is a statement I find hard to disagree with, yet also know to be patently false on myriads of levels.

The bottom line though, is that our emotions are a paired function between the concept of an emotion, and the chemical response our body creates to coincide with the sensation. By decoupling the two in theory, it becomes possible to force an error in this system and create the chemical reaction by dwelling on the concept of a specific emotion. One of the most interesting facets of our emotions is how quickly our body reacts to these syndromes, and the physical symptoms that coincide with them.

Assuming you are even humoring this idea past this point, there are three fundamental principles I live by.

1. Being able to conceptualize and trace the semi-involuntary functions of the higher mind separates my understanding of my existence as a user of the body I inhabit, and the substantial difference between my software's self preservation parameters, and the literal act of exerting control.

2. The level of culpability I need to assume for my reactions. My emotions evolved and show in tune with my personality...the literal line in the sand is the viewpoint that there are certain reactions I find unacceptable despite the feeling of appropriateness. I react to people based entirely on who I choose to be, and the preservation of my personality index - the morals, values, priorities and operating procedures I put together to shape the logic of my navigation process through life. This means I no longer accept the excuse from myself that my emotions excuse behavior, and this also means that when I embrace a sensation I am doing so fully aware of the ramifications of my behavior and know when I am reacting and why. There are so many minute influences person to person that constitute a bombardment against the ego/psyche/navigational pretext that people lose ability to grasp when someone is actually attacking their will and when it is incidental. People fall into despair because they become overwhelmed by a lack of empathy or consideration, which is unfortunately the human way of functioning.

3. I am aware of both perspectives to live by; before becoming aware of my personal attunement to my mind, and after. Bearing that in mind, it is hard for me to condemn anyone for not developing a perception, because people are only as aware as their own development has granted them. I can't hold someone at fault for not knowing or understanding, and it is functionally impossible for anyone to tell someone else a truth. The person has to be presented a concept, understand and want to perceive the concept, and analyze it to a point of adopting it as logical, and there is nothing on the planet that can force or change that process.

The concept of God came clearer to me a while ago when I was reflecting on the process we use to generate a model of anything with a physical presence we hadn't encountered. Since we have to borrow from previously encountered memories to build an understanding and image of a concept, "God" would be the collection of elements in the universe that we sense but only by their direct absence in tangible reality.

The act of naming, quantifying and assembling ideas to communicate is the highest acknowledgement we can give to anything. To recognize something, someone, somewhere, or some event as worthy of forcing into terms is the most power we as higher beings can grant something, and since we do this to our reality, the elements we are unable to recognize are therefore valued by their grandeur and absence.

Consequently, the act of valuing is has the side effect or reducing something to its sum of parts and making it mundane.

What makes a human being MORE than just matter and random occurance, binary logical evolution and to me, is the value we place on inherent contradictions to our self preservation protocols. Concepts like non-communal generosity, mercy, and self sacrifice to someone not of our genetic line are the functional discrepancies that we act on (rarely), but potentially without respect for the instincts that govern ourselves, and make us more than whatever structure we may have evolved from. It is in this facet that I believe there is something greater than what we are now, whether it is an evolved being that long since left humanity behind, or something else. The capacity for something to exist makes it possible for multiple variances.

I live my life trying to pursue knowledge in all things, daunting or not. I live my life with respect to people without the perspective to know better, and I do so with a sincere attempt to not judge them for what I may perceive as an ignorance. I live my life knowing that it is possible I am wrong, deluded and stuck with my head so far up my own ass as to my the reality of things, but lastly, I life my life to the best extent of who I can be given my understanding of the world, and to always challenge that notion with the intent of bettering myself through it. If any of you have made it this far, thanks for the time.
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Its been a while... [22 Aug 2010|01:57am]
Somehow or other I managed to find my way back to Livejournal, and to be frank I am observing myself missing it. This seems like such a more deliberate and intelligent outlet to know your friends and what is going on.

The HTML is nice aswell, but only for emphasis.

I hate Facebook. I hate Twitter. I hate the amount of time people spend bitching and complaining and posting trite meaningless updates. I hate that our culture is evolving to require heavy use of these sites to follow a current behavioral trend. I hate how stupid America is making itself.

I spent today working running deliveries around Grosse Pointe and during that time I found out that despite busting my ass at work, two people I know are getting copious amounts of money from the Michigan government for doing absolutely nothing. It makes me sincerely wonder about the value of trying to live with a sense of principle, and calls into question the declining value of nonconvenient integrity. I am glad to be back here, although somehow I doubt anyone really reads LJ anymore. Here's to hoping I guess.

Good Luck kids....more to come.
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Internet: [30 Dec 2009|12:30am]
Its too much knowledges.
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Updates 10.23 [23 Oct 2009|03:04pm]
I am slowly working out a routine to train for taking the Detroit Police Department exams. I don't know if I can pass or not, but I am hoping that by the end of the month I can make enough progress to attempt the physical tests. I am not horrendously out of shape, but I am out of shape, which I find to be uncomfortable and overall unpleasant.

I figured I would take the safe approach and word it as attempt rather than saying something more definitive. I have a couple friends who I can't say lead me to choose this, but helped inspire the mindset in wanting to fix what I let myself sluff into, and I want to congratulate them both on completing the Detroit Marathon this weekend.

I am in a weird place right now, just because I suppose I have become somewhat antisocial since moving to Waterford, and I don't quite now how to fix it. I just don't have the patience I used to I suppose. Well, things to keep in mind and fix I guess.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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Random Thought Stream 1 [30 Sep 2009|04:10pm]

Shakira as the pinnacle of today's idealized woman.

My reasoning behind this being in contrast to the theoretical standard that our culture currently holds for its women, she would idealize it. Feminine, capable, decisive, sexual, attractive, talented and independent. Otherwise, I would say she is quite simply amazingly attractive and coordinated.

Carl Sagan vs. Tyler Durden

This hit me as I was considering the beauty at work from The Autotuner's remix of The Cosmos with Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan. I have a great belief that both men would be disgusted by the current state of human beings, and it would make me wonder how theoretically, they would interact. The Space Monkeys were trying to free humanity by deconstructing society, and I can't help but wonder if they would try to sabotage attempts at expanding the human race through the stars. I can't quite resolve if they would or not, since the direction the human race is taking is due to a sincere effort to keep people obsessed with the trivial.

My thought that I could easily kill a human for torturing an animal.

The other day I rescued a seagull from the middle of Masonic, as I had almost hit the damn thing. It was standing in the middle of the road, and I just didn't see it until I was close. Luckily, (I think) I managed to dodge it, hook around and found a man pulling it onto the lawn of an apartment complex with a pair of tongs. I spent about an hour calling Humane Shelters before I got Roseville's and had someone come by. I was disgusted because someone had taken a shoe lace and tied its feet together. It had been stuck like that for some time, because it apparently pulled its right foot off of its leg and it was still tied to the left one. I am not certain what they would do with the bird, or if anything could possibly be done, but things like this, or the cat that I found in the parking lot at Joann's locked inside a recycling bin make me wonder about my conviction killing a human being. We force everything around us to adapt to us, I don't think its too much to show a reverence for the beings around us.

I understand the appeal of 'magic'.

For the longest time, I had always had an issue with the belief in universal uncertainties. I understand now. I have a quirk when it comes to music, there are certain tones, or arrangements, or crescendos that will bring me to tears. Literally. every. time. I hear the vocals in Orbital's Funny Break, it happens. Its something I have had as long as I can recall, and anyone who knows me well knows this, and recently I discovered the remixed version of that damn Carl Sagan piece A Glorious Dawn and it hit me very hard. Carl Sagan was a profound mind when it came to putting scope and importance behind science and was eloquent when it came to explaining and instill wonder and respect for everything. Taking humankind's greatest achievement: electronics, and adding in what we can do with it, someone had composed a piece that was blisteringly simple, but powerful. The total creation of this piece, the musical arrangement, tone, and the wording in the clips they sampled really made this video powerful for me. The whole piece has a reverence and beauty, and I think that like myself, most people tend to lose sight of the actual brilliance and magic in human nature. We tend to separate ourselves from the concept of nature, but ultimately we are an animal. Viewing ourselves the same way we admire the rest of the world can be a powerful eye opener into how primitive we really are. I am rambling, but the point of this was that music is the one thing I have never tried to pursue, understand or break down. I believe firmly that if I were to know how a piece was arranged or the elements at work in the pieces that strike me I would never be able to see the magic behind it. It is my personal opinion that everyone has a certain element that they keep unexplored simply because it gives them the ability to feel awed and touched. I would venture a guess that religion holds that place for many people, although I am sure it runs the gamut of everything mundane and mystic.
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Here we go again, but newer. [04 Sep 2009|10:28pm]

Get ready to laugh...
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Get ready to laugh... [04 Sep 2009|10:10pm]
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[28 Mar 2009|11:31am]
People will inherently let you down. It is just a fact. People can't do everything they ascribe to, best intentions, planning or not. I understand this, and like everyone else, keeping that fact in mind and remaining calm doesn't always happen.

My finances are woven into a few people, family member to be precise, and at times I make grabs at proposals that work perfectly in theory, but sometimes falter, and given my own sense of faith in people, the situation I tend to end up in through my fault or others, means my finances are not easily reinforced. It's not quite living week to week, but it's close. My mother, father and brother do, unfortunately, live week to week, and as such, my overhead generally goes into a direction matching one of their three directions. It happens. I support people when they need it because I can manage, but it doesn't stop me from hitting my own bumps, and I suppose it would really be only my fault anyhow because it is MY choice to help.

That's just me.

Bottom line is, I got hit with a "hiccup" when I bought my car, and have been trying to get on top of things since it happened, and because of it, I have been unable to accept any more bumps, like what happened today. I have been told time and time again how bad or stupid, or financially poor my general activities and faith in my family is, and today it was proven absolutely right. My only complaint is that I shouldn't be made to feel like I am inferior because I fucked up and hit a situation. People make mistakes and bad plans. It doesn't mean I am stupid.
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Octopus jealously guards his Mr. Potato Head toy [23 Mar 2009|10:49am]
Found this site and remembered how creepy intelligent octopi are.

Louis the octopus clearly thinks two heads are better than one when it comes to toys.

The 1.8m-wide (6ft) creature is so attached to Mr Potato Head that he turns aggressive when aquarium staff try to remove it from his tank.

The giant Pacific octopus was given the toy for Christmas and has even learned to dig out food hidden in a secret box at the back of it.

'He's fascinated by it,' said Matt Slater, of the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall. 'He attacks the net we use to fish the toy out every time we try to take it away.'

Mr Slater added: 'Octopuses are very intelligent and they like to be stimulated and busy.'


The article mentions that the octopus has figured out how to open the little door in the back to get food out of Mr. Potato Head's butt. So it appears that:

1. Aquarium staff packed a toy with crab meat.
2. They gave said toy to an octopus.
3. They acted all surprised when it didn't want to give the toy back.

I'm often impressed by the intelligence of octopi, but this story isn't really that indicative of their playfulness as it is of their appetite. It's more like a dog with a bone than a monkey with a doll.
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BWAHAHA [13 Mar 2009|08:51am]
Sorry smokers, but to be completely honest I don't give a fuck how much cigarettes cost you in Michigan. I have to work, eat, drive and live around cigarette smoke 24-goddamned-7, sorry if your COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and equally quitable habit is costing you more.

There is, I kid you not, one idiot here who can't cover gas to work, or pay his rent because tobacco has gone up so much.
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I am just confused. [24 Feb 2009|10:09am]
I made a dish that I have made a few times prior, that basically consists of tomato soup, cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, some black pepper and any other form os seasoning you may like, served over pasta.

It's really basic and a very distinctly orange looking sauce, but is a good and basic cream sauce. Normally I add a super slight amount of mustard for those who dislike spice, or a moderate portion of Sriracha hot sauce to give it its final seasoning in cases like when I cook for myself or Nikki.

I made this last night, and have never gotten reviews like I did with this dish. Of all the things weird and common I have ever made, this is by far in my opinion THE most basic without the hot sauce.

Some of the opinions I got so far:
Heather: "I don't know. I can't tell if I like it because I can't think of anything it reminds me of."

To be frank, I was a bit astounded by it. It seemed like she didn't like it, but couldn't formulate an opinion because she had no positive or negative reference. Definitely a new approach to appraisal, but one I am still confused by.

Amy: (She wouldn't try it.) "Oh god, not after what you two cook."

This was in response to asking if she would like to try this mix over egg noodles, and she saw my cousin Stevie standing around.

The Gavin: "Oh. Yea. Its ok. Is that tomato soup in there? Hmmmmm. Odd mix."

I suppose to understand my confusion with this one, you'd need to understand what my father eats. He eats everything. We have a big problem keeping groceries in the house, and to be frank, its MY food he eats first always. He cooks 1-3 items ever, one being ribs, another being spaghetti, and finally the last one being beef stroganof.

The mix for his beef stroganof sauce is cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, and onion.
He also steals my tomato soup regularly and eats it.

I'm not upset, just drastically confused about how wierd this could possibly be. I think honestly I am just hitting a gender stereotype where men aren't allowed to cook. Pretty much anything that I do cook and is considered good by my mom's side of town is always looked at as "par" or "meh" in Waterford. I would go so far as to say maybe people are just being polite on my mother's side, but the people I do cook for give tips, pointers and opinions, which lead me to believe that when nothing but priase is muttered, the recipe is sound.

Maybe its just the water or something.

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Hmmmm.....Ok. [19 Feb 2009|02:41pm]
Young Living Essential Oils is a pyramid style business structure advertising alternative medicine based products with the aim of subverting the existing blocks put in place by the U.S. medical industry (since according to the local representative, doctors can not recommend medicine not approved by the FDA) by means of person to person/ word of mouth sales and use European and Asian medicinal practices as backing for thier research.

I have never been one to accept at face value the effect of any product, food or chemical. Hence my tendency to get into arguments about the harmlessness of smoking marijuana". That discussion and all other points aside, this post is about the recent boom of alternative medicine at work and my reception to the close to nonstop lecturing I am getting about things. Anyhow.

Just as a disclaimer I did a cursory amount of investigating on this topic, and found most of chemical behavior studies at AARP's Online Encyclopedia or at the NCIB lab results search page and simply put the listed effects together in a logical connection given my own understanding of how they presented themselves. Take this as more of an opinion piece on believing products at face value more than a scientific paper.

The product most commonly bantered around here lately is Deep Pain Relief Roll-on, which while not ultimately sinister, had bothered me in two regards. One, when asked for an explanation of how it worked, I would get a list of ingredients, followed by a statement more or less along the lines of "they're really good.". Not ultimately revealing to me. Second, is the rolling paranoia that surrounds the American Medical system and their standards. This product contains nine ingredients:

-Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
-Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
-Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)
-Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbes)
-Lemon (Citrus limon)
-Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum)
-Copaiba (Copaifera reticulate)
-Coconut oil

Again, none of these ingredients are fundamentally sinister, nor is the company itself, but I do have issues with the behavior people seem to develop about the amazing effects and substantial difference between these and other medicines. What I had issue with the company about is their distinct lack of caution behind their ingredients or why they work.
All of those listed compounds serve a certain function, and work very similarly to how current prescription systems tend to behave. Mentha piperita is an enabling oil that works in two functions: one is to allow other compounds to be more easily absorbed through the skin, and two, to work as pre-absorptive compound on the liver (similar to how your body absorbs ethanol faster than methanol, so when you have methanol poisoning, the doctor will give you an ethanol drip to make your liver block absorption of methanol.) The way it works is by preventing the body from absorbing certain toxins and chemicals into the liver. This works well for this product since Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbes) can be toxic in moderately small doses. Lemon is a repellant and scent, while Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) (and I believe Copaifera reticulate) act as a mild immuno-suppressant that disables inflammation and relaxes capillaries and pores. This mechanic additionally offsets the citric acid present in the citrus limon and Wintergreen as well as acting as a mild antiseptic atmosphere for the skin.

My brother had this roll on applied to his back when he was tense/ sore and felt immediately better, but was complaining of a strange symptom described as "sleeping leg syndrome on his back muscles" the day after. My understanding of the way wintergreen, citris limon and the Helichrysum follows as such: the helichrysum prevents the body's natural reaction to essentially acidic compounds by blocking immediate skin irritation and inflammation around the absorbed area, and the effects he felt were due to a small grade chemical irritant still present in his pores and dermal layers.

Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) is also a mild antiseptic much along the same lines as Wintergreen, but is not as harsh on the body in large doses, but still presents a similar problem in terms of increased localized irritation to the skin.

Without hedging too much further into the way these compounds offset each other, I will simply make my point. The chief complaint with modern medicine is the amount of tampering to get an intended effect, i.e. the need to rebalance a set of symptoms with one medicine in order to maintain treatment on an original symptom. Any time we ingest a compound to correct a symptom/ problem we are causing a series of reactions within our bodies, and some we let slide and others we need to treat again. This "alternative medicine" is no different. You are getting a beneficial effect from a chemical and having others present to correct and suppress the natural counter-effects of others. The site listed above does not adequately describe the chemical reactions its compounds are utilizing, nor does it stress the potential reactive issues that may become present. The intended assuasive effects are no different in action than the synthesized versions we term conventional medicine. The only difference is the means of administering the compounds.

So yea....just my thoughts/ work into whatever. It just bothered me that there is this mysticism behind alternative medicine that it is somehow this palliative cure all that is overlooked by modern medicine a.k.a. the evil "system". It’s overlooked because we can get potentially more potent compound synthesized, but we still need to field the issues with how your body takes those compounds and reacts. Anything you feed yourself as a symptom treatment causes more symptoms because you are changing some of the very delicate chemical balance systems throughout your body.

There is something to be said healthwise for making your body breakdown and absorb its own nutrients, and natural ingrediants enable just that. As bad as some aspects of American Medicine can be, I don't feel that the system itself is bad, nor are the current trends of medical research. But these alternative medicine options, I feel at least, are misrepresenting what thier products actually do, and how they work. Its a difference between natural and synthesized and frankly as long as there is ANY business behind medicine, alternative or not, there is going to be market strategies in place. Alternative medicine is no different.
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Amusing Things I do to people at work vol. 1 [17 Feb 2009|09:01am]

1. Make up definitions to words that people mispronounce. I will sometimes carry this further to let them believe that they accidentally used a more sophisticated word than they originally intended.

2. Hide single panels of comic strips in large stacks of paperwork.

3. Change positions of the mouse and keyboard on Nickie's PC in the call center. While she's watching.

4. Sneak around and be a ninja:
- Take Mark's Keys off his belt loop and hold them in plain sight in front of him or put my own keys back on his belt.

- Startle Amy or her daughter by "appearing" behind them in places that don't
accommodate 2 people, such as the storage closet. I award myself extra points for
working myself into the inside portion of the closet.

- Replace office supplies in use with food i.e. if you are using a stapler often I
will swap it for a brownie muffin when you aren't looking.

- Hear everything. (More of a passive skill.)

5. Tilt all the pictures in the hallway.

6. Hide yellow lighters in Mike Smith's office, since he has a phobia that they bring bad luck.

7. Change the desktop orientation on Nickie's PC in the call center. While she's watching.

8. Change Amy's wallpaper to something from I Can Has Cheezburger. On bad days I will drop the LOLCats and move onto this:

9. Make Mike and Dave think they are playing pranks on each other. (see # 6.)

10. Change the language settings on Nickie's PC in the call center. While she's watching.
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[30 Jan 2009|04:45pm]
There is more than a fair share of dislike for me at AMcomm. Most of the time, I generally take things in stride and just let people pick at me. Honestly, being told I have sand in my pussy when quite clearly I do not have a vagina, is not something I really worry about people pondering as a viable reality at night.

Nor do I have a period (as in pre-menstrual cycle) or have "bitch fits" such as they are, but such is the lingo used around my place of employment, and I hear this sort of thing literally every time I voice a concern or opinion on something, and something when I answer questions. Either way, its all sort of a dead concept, since among other things, my sense and self and personal level of masculinity is not challenged by these idiots.


Occassionally I am subject to varying amounts of less than amusing fiction about all sorts of inane topics, and today I hit home onto something that really did piss me off.

Prior there were e-mails and fliers put up about O-BOMB-A, the muslim terrorist that secretly infiltrated the presidential running, and apparently has now stolen office from good, hard working Americans.

A flier that was circulated today, as in in my inbox, mailbox and on my door, in the warehouse and elsewhere caught my attention in all actuality...in my cousin's office. I hadn't and normally don't read such fliers, but this one I did get to because I was sitting with nothing to do but try to clear off my flashdrive. ANYWAY...here's the flier.

Now....my immediate issue is that it is not only propaganda trying to make Obama look terrible by "breaking his word", but that people legitimately believe the subtext of the opinion. Either way, the next issue is that this is funding SCHIP: State Children's Health Insurance Program. Less cigarette taxes over health care.

For children.

I did issue a response though, rare as it is for me to do so. I would also say that in hindsight, it was a bit less than classy, but I felt passionatly, and expressed it.

The retort:

If I had been thinking a little clearly, I would have completed the last sentence on the page typewritten, but I did forget to finish with "but Lord knows no one can quit smoking."

So I hand wrote it.

My recieved rebuttle was the same stuff from everyone, anyhow.
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[23 Jan 2009|09:56am]
I just want to thank all those idividuals in the greater Pontiac and Highland area for being Facebook and MySpace whores...your contributions to the perpetuation of codecsetup.exe and its worm variants have quadrupled the computer business for myself and my brother.

I truely owe you a debt for not following antivirus updates or the news.

P.S. To everyone else, there's a new worm on Facebook and MySpace, it asks you to look at a video and it comes from infected friends. This video prompts you to download a codec saying you don't have a current version of flash or something similar, and then downloads the program. So yea. Be discerning with your emails.
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[19 Jan 2009|03:39pm]

Just to let people know, I have a new AIM SN:


I know its a huge change, but just in case anyone has a friend/ buddy filter on.
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To the dear woman who I work with: [14 Jan 2009|09:04am]
Shut the fuck up Kim.
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[08 Jan 2009|03:07pm]
Checked in on someone today.
Was checked in on by my old boss yesterday.

Odd mix of nostalgia, accomplishment, pride and shame all sort of rolled into one amazing package. I like having....I dunno how to put it better than I new drive to develop. I took a look at my situation, and really can't help but smile. Its the day before payday, I am clinically broke till tomorrow, and sort of on college hiatus, but I managed to eke out a sense of self satisfaction. I feel happy. I am happy. Its been almost two years since I smuggled myself away the area I still consider home, and fallen out of touch with a lot of you dear people, and even in the face of that, I still think that something good has come to me in many forms, and I hope it has been well received.

Its interesting to see where people spin their tires I suppose. I glance over the people I still keep tabs on, and really find that I don't really have as tenacious a drive to get the sort of things that they do. I suppose its all relative to what's important to you specifically, but I just get the idea I never got the 'Big Book of Achievements' that everyone else is gunning to get through. Or maybe I got the off brand one.

I'm gonna go home and rearrange my shit, I need a workbench again and frankly I am a bit too cluttered to do anything other than lose the case screws and cut myself on something equally stoopid.

I also feel prompted to enlighten you all with this fact:

" Rawr! means 'I love you' in dinosaur."

Thank you girl in gold hot pants from Snorgtees.

Thank you.
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[08 Jan 2009|12:30am]
I did a restore from last saved entry and it came up blank. What does that say about my blog diligence eh?

Happy New Year and good day to you all. Long time no see.

I really can't seem to shake this feeling like I am completely out of tomato soup. Suffice to say, I find this prognosis to be.....unsettling. Also/ P.S. Dear Trevor, don't edit livejournal with wikipedia code. It doesn't work.

I have learned quite a lot in the past month or two, but would be lying if I said I had anything practical or motivated to do with my new found skills. Someone give me a project, please.

I am smack in the middle of The Fierce Beard Challenge with my friend Steve. One week into it and possibly Friday or Saturday will be the kick off to week two. Tune in and keep tabs if you are really bored.

If you're stupid you'll read the rest of the IATL wikipedia.

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